TRANSCENDING. Mano Epps shares her feelings via explosive colour reflecting the inner balance in a battle with the chaos of society's outer inhumane ego hoping to give the audience a connecting moment of experiencing joy. Her new work vibrantly communicates the art of letting go and living beyond fear. 
Mano Epps allows her work to organically evolve into other mediums by inviting collaborators. Her currational skills saw 'Transcending' in May 2016 develop intimate responses with performers Norman Mine from Italy, Verica Kovacevska from Switzerland and Jennifer Wright from Wales, expanding the personal experiences with the audience.

'Transcending' by Ema Mano Epps (event was live for the Wandsworth Fringe Festival May 2016)

Ema's current work references the act of breaking away, reclaiming freedom, simply by learning to let go. The frustrating inner conflict of the mind is juxtaposed with the expectations of the 'self' imposed by 'the norm' of society. The current desperation of the human state of consciousness within our society today pushes many into complete burnout or as Ema calls it: ‘global consciousness meltdown’. This is a challenge of individuals,  communities, countries, largely caused by the loss of the ever changing pace of personal identity. However this is largely amplified in women.

Ema recognises this issue deriving from herself and those she meets and embarks on a journey interviewing friends and acquaintances across Europe, the US, AsiaSouth America.  An astonishing spectrum of information pointing to the birth of a new phenomenon: 'the awakening generation'. Having reached the end of the sold dream some have decided to take the rest of their journey after resetting their lives around their happiness, intuition and basic needs. The initial aim of this 're-setting' is the aim to re-discover the meaning of freedom, to re-claim your time, your choice, dreams. This derives from acknowledgment of the existence of the 'self', by reaching for inner peace amidst the noisy fast paced world. It is a journey of letting go and being true to yourself. 

Ema participates in a test, sets off on the journey of  letting go herself. She adopts the only scientifically proven non invasive method , TM meditation. Embracing TM*, she (and those around her) witness the psychological change of her mindset, the neurological reconnection and it’s contagiously positive effect of it in an outer environment...through colour and texture.

Ema subsequently parallels the sentiment of the people in her country of birth, as the unrest for happiness, freedom and justice embarks in the form of the 'colourful revolution' movement in Macedonia, #protestiram. The united frustrated nation of the young republic in the centre of the Balkans, Ex Yugoslavian state turns to art, with Paint bombs and real stencil art, targeted at all government buildings, bodies responsible for project 2014 (unwanted expensive regeneration project that defaced the capital with Baroque kitsch).  

Ema's visits home and interviews the organisers and public who choose art to rebel against a state that is out of control. This re-focuses on the state and workings of the creative mind, the hyper sensitivity is yet again seen as a positive and Ema confidently presents her colour and texture mediums to audiences with the intention to safeguard and improve levels of dopamine in her audience.

Verica Kovacevska’s talk references the state of society in the current climate of ‘the uncertain’ following a catastrophic earthquake in Yugoslavia, Macedonia in 1964. Fifty years on and the story gains new chapters, the future is not clear. 

Live performer Norman Mine addresses the social situation; 
‘Perhaps it is only by accepting and exploring our inner conflicts and its complexity, that we can
understand and accept both the diversity and the creativity alive in our everyday.’ - Norman Mine

Through a colourful collage and colour workshop with the audience Jennifer Wright expands on delivering the experience of impulsivity and joy, in times when we are restricted from accepting to recognise them as necessities. 

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