All series predominate in mixed media application on mill finish sheet metal.  To see original works or discuss bespoke commissions, please arrange a home consultation  or a studio visit  H ere.

All series predominate in mixed media application on mill finish sheet metal.

To see original works or discuss bespoke commissions, please arrange a home consultation  or a studio visit Here.


Ema Mano Epps's artworks offers access to a deeper dimension of existence and evolution of consciousness through the energy of colour and tactility of texture. The process led artist is aided by transcendental meditation to intuitively express the subconscious. Layered textures on industrial metal, thus creating mindscapes with wabi-sabi feel. Her research is predominantly on the D.O.S.E. (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin) balance in the human brain, how we perceive reality and experience informed by the field of neuroscience.

Ema's artworks demonstrate the importance of our inner child's exploration needs and intuition, advocating the importance of mental wellbeing. Her collaborative mentoring style embraces social experiments and performance projects that set a new experience for both the audience and the artist/s, an act stimulating the D.O.S.E.

For a studio visit or an event experience see Ema at  Platform1Gallery on Wandsworth Common Station in SW London or with DAW at Leyden Gallery E1 this July. Ema was shortlisted for the FiliA Art award for an emerging female artist of 2018.

An exciting programme for 2018 marks a 20 year anniversary of Platform 1 Gallery,  collaborations with Susan Merrick, Desparate Artwives (DAW), Intoon Dance and dialogues with the Museum of the Mind and Nightingale House...

Ema founded Platform 1 Gallery in 2005, the space was co-founded as a community art studio in 1998 with a group of local art students from Elliott School in Putney.

Ema Mano Epps graduated as an Art Director from Central St Martins, UAL in 2001. Her eye for detail won her a collaboration with Tate Modern, 2006-2009. 'Unofficial deposited records', a celebration project of the Borough area. Ema's photographic wrap was installed around the now, new Tate Modern wing.  Her photography was also featured by Kodak with CSM world tour in 2001.

In respect of the appointment of the first woman director at Tate Modern, Ema collaborated in a live group Take Over, held at the front of the Gallery, endorsed by the Guerilla Girls, August 2017, an ogoing dialogue with her current work at Leyden Gallery and the rescent Colour Walk held at the V&A honouring Freda Kahlo, June 24th 2018.

Ema was featured in the 'Old New' installation at the Design Museum opening exhibition, a piece by 'Special Projects' - Shoreditch studio in November 2016. In 2017 she was interviewed by Humans of London, founder Cathy Teesdale. 

For the WAF 2018 Art Festival  Ema organised a dance and installation 'station occupation' with LAMDA group of dancers simultaneously dancing on train platforms whilst live links dialogues with dancers across the world connected cities; NY, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin...

 The WAF 2016 - Fringe show, Ema curated an immersive three part programme inclusive of free public workshops, performances, sculpture, painting, art therapy and talks. Guest artists included upcoming Italian artist Norman Mine and established Austria based performer Verica Kovachevska

Ema's creative thinking  landed her a partnership in an innovative robotic technology start up RoboFold, which merged Avant Garde Architecture, Art and Design with metal folding. She co-organised Shape to Fabrication in 2014 celebrating the makers and Ideas behind London Olympics and in 2012 assisted in managing, design and build of the Zaha Hadid Architects collaboration for Venice biennale's centre-piece 'Arum'.